Self Love 2

If you haven’t read Self Love 1 you can read it here. This is the concluding part and it’s self Explanatory.
Here we have it Self Love 2.In life, I realised We just have two options ‘Die’ or ‘fight’.I have chosenĀ mine,What is your choice?

We are in it together
We can never give up
Let’s Show the world
How our weakness
Can turn out to be our pride
What people are longing to see

If we ain’t going up
We will keep pushing
I know it gives me joy
To see you happy
In you there is Me
You’re my image in the mirror

Self Love 1

Self confidence is that number 1 thing we seem to lose..Like I would say if you don’t love yourself who will..
Part 1 of self love, get soaked in this first before I bring up the other part.

Standing clueless
Looking at this image
Wondering who you are
How you came into existence
How I see myself through you
The only reflection I have got

Loving or hating this image
Standing before me is a choice
It shows me exactly me
How I react or behave
The expression on my face
The default in me too

I rather give you much love
Shake off the hate
With every default in me
I would rise at dawn
Give a big smile to you
Til you get tired of acting useless