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Stiff all around
Mind absent
Feelings gone
Hearts frozen
Sans everything


Slowly slips on bed
Shut eyes seen relaxed
Atmosphere ‘s cool
Serene environment
Love the quiet scent


Pulleying back
Feels like storm’s over
Smiles written over
Heaviness in heart’s calm
Boundness is restored

Silence !


I likened silence to when eyes are close in death, again I see silence as been alone meditating and happy cos’ everywhere around seem cool and quiet (no disturbance).Lastly I see silence and being calm after the bad days are gone and over and once again you have peace of mind..

Don’t call me a racist

This is me, I can forsake love for not matching my taste or for being in a different religion or tribe from mine.I don’t believe in love that endure.I hope you understand me.This is just me.

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I have a self limit
I ain’t claim no saint
I can be in love
I can be in hate
I am love-daft
I can’t keep love
For reasons you might find dumb
I think i’m been choosy

I find you lovely
I find you suiting
No default still there’s default
I see a thing you find meaningless
I can’t get close
I would rather hide this feelings
Don’t blame me
My mind plays with my body

Don’t bother how I cope
I don’t get love sick
One moment i’m into you
The other minute I changed
Guess i’m just silly
Your tribe worn my feelings out
Your religion made me step down
Hey! Don’t call me a racist


We Loved Eachother


Reading this piece of poem would refresh your mind about two once lovelies and now a bridge seem to have been put in their midst..This story tells about two couple getting married in deep love but still this love manages to depreciates after their seeds. This is one common thing that we find surprisingly in most marriages and we won’t stop to ask in amazement “Has this love really been genuine at first?” after years of courtship..

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Love-Hate Poem

We loved eachother
Made vows
Now you raise your hand at me

The love you felt
At first is gone

How then can we tell
If it hadn’t
Been a deceit all along

I can’t go on flimsy excuses
After the fruits I borne for you
Not one,Not two..

For peace


Have you ever thought and wondered,this things I do for peace,does it really worth it? Yes it does worth more. And yeah! You would get hate,you will get condemned but at the end there is this satisfaction that comes with it and you would proudly say to yourself yea! I did it and I will keep doing it…..

   The poem freak>> For peace

For peace

It might not seem right
But the ones in it
Make me volunteer

For peace

You ain’t right
Still you want it done your way
They try to make you understand
I know this is looming to a fight
I would have stayed and be still
But I just can’t watch the fight
If it burst out
I will have to intervene

For Peace
I would move for them
Without further persuasion
‘Cos i know you won’t listen
Their words are like air to your ear

Photo by Nathan Anderson

For peace
I will keep doing this
Even if you feel you’ve won
One day it would all end…


Summary of pissed

Summary of  PISSED


1st stanza:Talks about a child coming to the world for the first time seeing all the hustle and bustle of life and wondered if anything good could ever be in this life.
2nd stanza:The child forgets about what is ahead of him and focuses now on the other people in the society and over the world and wondered how they would survive.
3rd stanza:He later understands that not everyone are in the same shoes. We don’t come by choice but by luck as some were born rich, others poor and later become rich while some can remain poor for the rest of their life.
4th stanza:Here he talks about how poverty would have been reduced to a point if people had behaved like the people of Israel in the book of Acts(referring to the Bible)where they shared everything among themselves equally.
5th stanza:He concludes that one soul can’t help the world except there is love and selflessness among us all. He wonders when everything would all come to an end.



Right from cradle
Growing up in this struggle
I have always seem to baffle
What state of muddle
The world’s battle



This scenario can’t be overlooked
My fate are left behind
Why so strickened?
In a corner, I have watched
How have you survived?

Howbeit we come in differently
Fortuitous as it is called only
Some come as a toff truly
Some wretched entirely
But become fortunate eventually

With all gravity

The rate of poverty
Could drop to a moiety
If our lifestyle is about charity
Like the people in Acts form unity

Surfacing on its remedies
An individual can’t lift nations
Except we lend hands
With oneness in our hearts
Life! Life!When will you suppress?

Make It Three

Choices are different
Beliefs matter a lot
Our minds determines
Achievement varies
It could be less
It could be enough
And maybe more than enough

Sights ain’t the same
The physical sight doesn’t matter
It can only be a needless excuse

The mind sight it is called
It could settle for near
Or settle for far
Some settle for beyond sight

You can only get
What you wish for
I rule my thoughts
I won’t settle for less
Nor rather have one
I would make it three
I Came,I Saw & I Conquered.


Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me? 

           How swift I passed by

           To catch on with the goal

The path I tread

To make smooth for others 


Can you hear me? 

           The land I till

           To make easy provision

Moments I silence

To sort important needs 

Can you hear me?


Can you hear me? 

           The Song I voice 

           That sounds with passion

Lyrics I created 

That adds meaning to life


Can you hear me?

            What bang I made

            With great thump

That Hits the ground 

And echoes on………….


An acronym for :Do you move past every difficulties?


What title made you unsteady?
When will you stop being giddy?
Why would you look on broody?
Will you now rise and be sturdy?

The situation might seem cramp
Still you shouldn’t feel damp
Be positive without a rump
So your success make ’em stump

Life is all about being prepared
Amidst frostiness we’re unshaked
How best can it be narrated
Tho storm raged,you n’vr stopped

Summary •••
1st stanza : All the four lines here uses the rhetorical questions with the same rhyme scheme•It asks questions about when the subject would stop feeling depressed and stand firm to face any difficulties.”will you now rise and be strong?”
2nd stanza :With the same rhyme scheme here it’s portrays how hard situations can get but our mindset determines our later success..”be positive without doubt, so your success make them baffle’
3rd stanza : Here ending all with °ED° rhyme.It talks about being persistent in whatever you do if you truly want the best result “How best can it be described, tho the storm raged,you never gave up’


Life is likened to a coin,two sided..Here you have it as explanatory as possible..


Toss Toss they say
We never can tell
What side it will show
You remind me
of how cunny Life is
I am your boss
Still you misbehave attimes
I will keep reminding you
How submissive you were
Why do they say it’s luck
I fail to agree
Why can’t I always have a say
You are in my palms
Just as calm as you are
Still you found a way
To manipulate me

Toss Toss they say
My mind skips
As you roll in circles
My heart repeatedly says:
What if! What if!
The steps you take
As cunning as it is
Makes my eyes run eagerly
How much long
Would you make me weary
I wish I could tell
Which side you would sleep
I thought I own you
Until I was told
You do things your way
Just as it pleases you

Toss Toss they say
My faith tells me
I will win this time
Just take my orders at least.