Lips spreads mildly to push up cheek
Eyes lightened shows the evidence
It’s contagious nature is pleasurable
Spring up brightness from within
Melts multiple hearts within coverage
Invests sweetness in another’s mind
Lightens the eyes with that sparkles
Bossy attitude it portrays

I can add that glitter to your face
Speck your heart with pleasure
Put your good will in opponents mind
Cause foes to be at peace with you
Make worry vanish from your eyes
Keep an optimist spirit in you
Scrabble your world in the right tiles
Keeps you at peace with yourself
Works a calm spirit internally
I can add bliss to your handiwork
Your rescue team from explanation
That I start your day is enough luck
I came for useful reasons unreasonable
You can’t resist me when overjoyous Your shine is all I earn now and then
I came to work-live in you
Your stoned heart can’t make me homeless
I’d rather laid me layer for convenience
My dab on your face applies blush better
I’m nothing called excess or too little
I soften your inside,
Lay calmly on your outside
My worth’s the worth you worth by view
I’m the evidence of how well you’ve won
I’m the cover up of pains you left behind
I am the mask of the person you wish to be
I am the silent high-pitched one
When walking the carpet
If it’s worth showing off,
It’s worth having.

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