Labels are never taken serious
The content is all that matters
The intake depends on their need
Silly excuses is what they give
Speech instruction passes
They still won’t listen

Two intake, Once daily
She says she takes twelve;
It makes her feel stronger
Don’t be deceived it kills slowly
She snubed and scoffed,
Not on her

If it kills why wasn’t it banned
Millions are victim cos’ they ignore
They hear about it often
Still they call the victims dumb;
Maybe they got addicted, i didn’t
I just puff, I don’t sniff

My fore passed at a late age
See how he made it than the holies
Why don’t you tell the real tale?
He sniffs as one with stocked nose
Shivers until he takes the pill
Died after being on mask for years
Tell me then;How peaceful death
Can be likened to that.

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