My Secret fears

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Let’s get acquainted
Like holding too close
Moaning underneath covers
Till I’m completely into you.

Won’t it feel piercing like razors?
Are those sounds really pleasure
Or mostly pains?
I see them grinding together
Is that necessary?
If it’s for the pleasure
I gat other fun things with no pain
Is it for the fruits it brings?
Why don’t we find another way?
Thoughts of my cleavage in yours
Has been ever unthinkable
I’ve ever covered since young
Is it really necessary to go unclad?
I have always pondered
How the partner doesn’t feel hate
After seeing her whole/vice versa
Attimes I feel broken marriages
Happen for that cause only
I fear it might happen if I try
The hatred/not wanting behaviour
Oh No! I might just be myself then
Those shit are stressful
Why do we still sacrifice for it?

They told me LOVE DON’T HATE
Love nvr’ get enough of the othe
Love go for the fadeless”attitude
Maybe I haven’t seen enough love
To tackle my fears
To make me drop the towel.

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