Too much of it kills-Daydreaming

I DAYDREAM a lot and that’s how I have been able to put my thoughts, what I think you think, and what I think you think that I think,Altogether I have lots of poems and quotes.

Until all I see everyday is JUST ME AND ONLY ME IN MY OTHER WORLD that I started listening to conversations and even words directed to me HALF HEARTEDLY.

It became obvious I was DAY DREAMING TOO MUCH.

SO HERE IS THE THING :Daydreaming is good especially when you can put it into being creative like writing or any other stuff BUT TOO MUCH OF IT IS MORE LIKE BEING DEAD. BE MODERATE

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I am Poem Freak, a lover of poetry. In my spare time,I publish my random thoughts on this website.You can call me Dpoem_freak..

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