Little Respect

If I send my siblings on errand;
I would say please
If I get a cup of coffee from mum;
I would say Thanks
If I see the house tidied by mum
I would appreciate her
If I see a person sneeze
I would say bless you
If I see my dad repair the top
I would say welldone
If my younger brother assist me with chores
I would say Thank you

Showing appreciation is good
Not only when you are favoured
Husbands finds it needless
To appreciate their wives
They feel it’s their job
Again it doesn’t matter

Little appreciation goes a long way
She brought your children up
A thank you won’t hurt
Doesn’t make you a weak person
She would feel loved that way
Wanting to please you more
We don’t have to be done
A special favor to be appreciative
Everyone deserves respect
Old,young ,poor or rich
You should never think
The person would take it for granted
Do what you have to do
When you have to do it
Be appreciative
Even when you think
The person doesn’t deserve it
This little respect
Goes a long way

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