How I rejected them all

My Tales: How I rejected them all
He was blond,cute looking
He has cute smiles
I was pleased
But his browish set teeth
Is beyond my imagination
I had to skip him through

Walking tall towards me
Finely built with manicured nails
He might just be the one
Oh no!
He isn’t even anywhere near Hans
I couldn’t sight that from afar
I think I need my specs
Skip please!

I know you had the whole package
I got close enough
Only to find out
Hmm,Not social and no swags
Moreover you are not even a photo freak

He was popular in the street
Not like I had taste for such
Anyway he was okay I think
But something seem to be missing
I thought I was only over thinking
Until we had a chat
His pictures were a copy of an old “HIM”
His chats were too wack english coined
I don’t need to explain it’s not my type

Everything is what I want
He was physically everything
But child of the world in FALZ voice
Who just said he could change?
You would keep trimming weed from a grown tree
Better cut it off now

You should create one instead,they said
I say,It’s not a crime to wish for the best
I learnt yours would come at the right time
They say,it will never come
Just choose one that comes your way
I don’t believe ’em blabbing “he won’t come”
If he comes I will know.

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