As stable as it seem at sight
It ended up being a blight
What imperfection could have caused my plight
What fortune could have stick to me right
I thought it was my time to flight
Until decisions unknown cut me off height
The boat keeps sinking like its overweight
This road seem unsteady like it’s in fright
This destination is all I want or nought
Forget the not,I want it aright

It is said ‘Look to the bright’
You just might see the light
That would make clear your thought
Then boost your determination and insight
This fight I have fought
So I don’t have to refight
This hope’s too high with great height
That fails is off my thought
This trials I will face with delight
That result should come with might

These steps I trod calmly as I ought
With fears that any errors like I sought
Leaves me with chances so slight
Rest assured mistakes can’t get me caught
On this wavy part of life I have been held tight
Lessons to be fit is what I have been taught
Way to go is what it had brought
The former sight needs a resight
Time is all it takes to roll onto like a eight
The morning is all we need to forget the night.

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