Don’t call me a racist

This is me, I can forsake love for not matching my taste or for being in a different religion or tribe from mine.I don’t believe in love that endure.I hope you understand me.This is just me.

Photo by Markus Spiske ‘Unsplash’






I have a self limit
I ain’t claim no saint
I can be in love
I can be in hate
I am love-daft
I can’t keep love
For reasons you might find dumb
I think i’m been choosy

I find you lovely
I find you suiting
No default still there’s default
I see a thing you find meaningless
I can’t get close
I would rather hide this feelings
Don’t blame me
My mind plays with my body

Don’t bother how I cope
I don’t get love sick
One moment i’m into you
The other minute I changed
Guess i’m just silly
Your tribe worn my feelings out
Your religion made me step down
Hey! Don’t call me a racist


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