For peace


Have you ever thought and wondered,this things I do for peace,does it really worth it? Yes it does worth more. And yeah! You would get hate,you will get condemned but at the end there is this satisfaction that comes with it and you would proudly say to yourself yea! I did it and I will keep doing it…..

   The poem freak>> For peace

For peace

It might not seem right
But the ones in it
Make me volunteer

For peace

You ain’t right
Still you want it done your way
They try to make you understand
I know this is looming to a fight
I would have stayed and be still
But I just can’t watch the fight
If it burst out
I will have to intervene

For Peace
I would move for them
Without further persuasion
‘Cos i know you won’t listen
Their words are like air to your ear

Photo by Nathan Anderson

For peace
I will keep doing this
Even if you feel you’ve won
One day it would all end…


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