Summary of pissed

Summary of  PISSED


1st stanza:Talks about a child coming to the world for the first time seeing all the hustle and bustle of life and wondered if anything good could ever be in this life.
2nd stanza:The child forgets about what is ahead of him and focuses now on the other people in the society and over the world and wondered how they would survive.
3rd stanza:He later understands that not everyone are in the same shoes. We don’t come by choice but by luck as some were born rich, others poor and later become rich while some can remain poor for the rest of their life.
4th stanza:Here he talks about how poverty would have been reduced to a point if people had behaved like the people of Israel in the book of Acts(referring to the Bible)where they shared everything among themselves equally.
5th stanza:He concludes that one soul can’t help the world except there is love and selflessness among us all. He wonders when everything would all come to an end.

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