It seems difficult
Unable to understand
The true concept of Money
Its light nature
Doesn’t mean it
Should be treasured
Instead it should be spent
Otherwise it flies
It’s certainty without explanation
Now! How,Where and When
Is this MONEY spent?
Investing on it would yield profit
The Question ‘When’ matters
When that someone is in need
Investing and being non-challant
Is needless.
Invest later
Put your heart in the right place
Lend a helping hand.
Again don’t play wrong


By helping others,
Your family shouldn’t suffer for it
The rule is make Everyone happy
You would be happy yourself
Attimes opportunity knocks
Then we are without a penny
Go thrive instead
Don’t let opportunity slip off
Again be sure what you call
Opportunity is not a deceit
Then do what’s necessary
Being extravagant isn’t too good
Spend wisely!
No! don’t spend on a person
For too long without result
Just for the sake of being caring.
Nevertheless,In Everything
Find Balance!!!!

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