An acronym for :Do you move past every difficulties?


What title made you unsteady?
When will you stop being giddy?
Why would you look on broody?
Will you now rise and be sturdy?

The situation might seem cramp
Still you shouldn’t feel damp
Be positive without a rump
So your success make ’em stump

Life is all about being prepared
Amidst frostiness we’re unshaked
How best can it be narrated
Tho storm raged,you n’vr stopped

Summary •••
1st stanza : All the four lines here uses the rhetorical questions with the same rhyme scheme•It asks questions about when the subject would stop feeling depressed and stand firm to face any difficulties.”will you now rise and be strong?”
2nd stanza :With the same rhyme scheme here it’s portrays how hard situations can get but our mindset determines our later success..”be positive without doubt, so your success make them baffle’
3rd stanza : Here ending all with °ED° rhyme.It talks about being persistent in whatever you do if you truly want the best result “How best can it be described, tho the storm raged,you never gave up’

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