Self Love 1

Self confidence is that number 1 thing we seem to lose..Like I would say if you don’t love yourself who will..
Part 1 of self love, get soaked in this first before I bring up the other part.

Standing clueless
Looking at this image
Wondering who you are
How you came into existence
How I see myself through you
The only reflection I have got

Loving or hating this image
Standing before me is a choice
It shows me exactly me
How I react or behave
The expression on my face
The default in me too

I rather give you much love
Shake off the hate
With every default in me
I would rise at dawn
Give a big smile to you
Til you get tired of acting useless

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I am Poem Freak, a lover of poetry. In my spare time,I publish my random thoughts on this website.You can call me Dpoem_freak..

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