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All the world’s a stage is one of Shakespearian poem that I really love and seems quite understandable at first sight. This piece of poetry is being taken from the Shakespeare’s novel ‘As you like it ‘ in Jaques speech.You can check the full novel “Here”


William Shakespeare’s As you like it. Act II,scene VII.


For a brief summary of the poem above👆


In First STANZA :Jaques likened the world to a stage and the people in it as merely players. ‘they have their exits and entrances’means Humans are born(entrances) and die at old age(exits).He[jaques] talks about a man having seven stages in life.


2nd Stanza :The first age is when the man was brought to the world “mewling and puking in the nurse’s arm”


3rd Stanza: The second age is of his childhood experience as a school boy hiding and complaining unwilling to go to school.


4th Stanza: The man is grown and has a lover that charms his heart all the time. 


5th Stanza: He is a soldier now, committed to his job and always ready to follow orders.


6th Stanza : The man is calm at this stage with clean and fitting appearance and so much past experiences (full of wise saws and modern instances) due to old age. 


7th Stanza: In this stage, the man with specs on is taken aback to his youthful time, remembering all,he whistles on.


8th Stanza: This is the last stage of a man’s life when he forgets everything about his history and rest peacefully with closed eyes in death without anything “sans teeth,sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything “.

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