Hopes too high

Hopes too high

  We get scared

  When we fall once

  We try to figure 

  The reason why 

  There’s fear

  Creeping up on us

  Not to repeat again 

  Heart pounding on 

  We can’t tell what 

 The second attempt 

  Would yield 


  Gazing beyond 

  The dark moments 

  Chaos has ended

  Worries linger on

  Chances are plenty

  The body grows old

  Only a determined soul

  thirst for success 

  And never give up

  The late isn’t the goal

   Results is worth it




       Now It happened 

 We had been on it 

 Once but it crashed 

 We can’t let it go

 Eyes keep watching 

 You can’t let you down

 Am taking that route again 

 But with a powerful ME 

 Determination is the key

 Hopes too high 

 I can’t let go


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