Honour Thief

Let’s put the preacher’s sermon in form of poetry.

I found out I could pass any information I want to better and easier through poems..

Today, the Lord is asking,
“where is my Honour ”
A master can demand honour of his servant,
And a father from his son.
Ye,children of God relate with God
By giving him honour due to his name.
When you call on GOD’S name
Without giving it the high regard it deserves,
You are an honour thief
If you offer God a deceptive gift
A gift that doesn’t befit him as the 👑 of kings
Nor reflect the level of his blessings on 👉 life
You are an honour thief
If you handle God’s assignment with less care
You are an honour thief
If 👉lifestyle makes people look 👇on your God
You are an honour thief
If you offer torn currency notes to God,
When you can’t even spend it
You are an honour thief
Now the question is;
Do you honour the Lord in all you do?


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